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  • Rosalba Panchi - July 26, 2014

    My name is Rosalba Panchi and 16 years ago I gave birth in an emergency c-section to my Beautiful baby girl .I was just 26 weeks into my pregnancy. I had developed preeclampsia and had protein in my urine . Emily Janie was born December 4, 1997 we’ll shy of her February 14 due date. Weight 2 Ib and was only 13 inches long. She stayed in the Hospital for 2 months. Our life’s stopped and only wanted to bring Emmy home. I quit my job to be with her 24-7 .I just wanted to tell our story and how grateful we are to the Illinois Masonic staff. They did a wonderful job in getting our Angel home and everyday I am grateful. Emily does nit have any medical problems. She is very healthy and we count our blessing every day. We are looking forward to graduating High School.

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