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The Meaning Behind Our Logo

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The RMHC Brand is recognized and respected globally for the way the Charity supports children and
families by helping bridge the access to healthcare. As a result, the logo was specifically developed to
reflect RMHC core values and to honor the heritage of the organization.

The “House”
The house is a tribute to the RMHC cornerstone program, the Ronald
McDonald House. Ronald McDonald Houses across the world provide
a “home away from home” for families of seriously ill children who are
receiving care at nearby hospitals.

The “Heart”
The heart is a reflection of the love at the core of the Charity’s mission. In
1974, the first Ronald McDonald House was built with the love and passion
cultivated by a unique partnership between a doctor, a family in need, a U.S.
professional football team, the local McDonald’s co-op and the community
at large. The Ronald McDonald House is often referred to as “the house that
love built” because of the partnerships at the foundation of each and every
House program.

The “Hands”
These have three meanings. First, the child’s hand is representative of the
children that we serve. Second, Ronald McDonald® represents happiness, fun
and a positive outlook on life. Finally, the hands joined together represent
reassurance and the hope that together we can overcome any obstacle.

Sadie StoneThe Meaning Behind Our Logo

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