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Series: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

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On Dec 6th I was admitted to Randolph Medical Center for a kidney infection, at 32 wks 4 days pregnant. The infection already started spreading. My temperature was 102, I was weak, could hardly keep my eyes open. While conducting a routine cervix check to see if I had dilated, they gave me a not so happy look. My water had broken. I was already on antibiotics , but they came back in with a steroid shot to help improve the baby’s lungs, brain development, etc. It still didn’t feel real for me. Because of Randolph not having the proper equipment to care for a baby born so premature, I was then put into an ambulance and brought to UVMC. At this point things start getting foggy, but 3 days later & the antibiotics weren’t working it was time to invite little Cecelia to come out. They started the Petocin, but with my luck & 6hrs later nothing changed. The doctors told me if they don’t bring me into the OR right then me & the baby might not make it through the night. That broke me. I started screaming, saying “please lord dont make me go through this”, “I give up I don’t want to have this baby”.. This obviously wasn’t an option so they started prepping me for surgery. They put me under per request, and then a beautiful miracle was born. Cecelia, born Dec 9th 2018 at 5lbs 3oz. She was perfect. She didn’t require breathing support, had translucent skin, and touched the hearts of my whole family. I wasn’t awake until hours later. The surgery wasn’t as easy for me. I had lost a lot of blood, and by that point the infection had gone sepsis but the doctors didn’t know that yet..(let’s skip that part it gets me too emotional)

I got discharged from the hospital the 16th of Dec, but Cecelia had to stay in the NICU. RMHC was my home for the next month of my life. Without this organization I would have been in hotels, or couch surfing to be near my love… Instead I had a home. There’s always a home cooked meal, baked treats, a listening ear. We were there for Christmas… they offered gifts, had a Christmas tree up, made you feel like it was just another Christmas at home with family. They offer transportation to and from the hospital, a breast pump so your supply doesn’t dry up. They have a place for your other children to play, sleep, etc. They offered hats and blankets for your child, also soft pajamas knowing this could have been an unplanned trip. I thank RMHC so much for all they did and I’m so grateful my little Cece is home.

She’s now 7lbs 7oz , she is more alert, has started her newborn coos. She smiles when she hears mommy’s voice, sleeps very well in her bed & I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful little girl💖 -Sarah

Sadie StoneSeries: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

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  • Brittany - February 9, 2019

    Sarah I’m glad you both made it out of all of this safe and alive welcome lil angel she was born on my birthday

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