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Series: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

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I went into labor 2 months early. I started at CVMC and was quickly sent to Fletcher Allen via ambulance. On February 19, 2014, our amazing son, Levi, was born 4lbs 2oz. He was considered the “big boy” of the NICU 😊 We spent approximately 4 weeks between the NICU and NTS. Thankfully, since we lived about an hour away, I was able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House and my husband stayed with me when possible. Without RMH, I would not have been able to see our son every day. The staff there makes everything so amazingly easy, you feel part of a family. We made lifelong friends there and we will forever have a bond no one else can possibly understand <3 Our son will be FIVE in a couple weeks…and he is FULL of energy, vibrant, and a little gentleman.

And speaking of those lifelong friends…Below is Levi with some of his “NICU buddies” at this past year’s Jingle Bell Express!

RMHCSeries: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

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