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Series: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

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Our daughter Hailey was born at 33 weeks at UVM Medical Center in July 2015. We were told about the RMH and after our tour knew it was just what we needed to get through this stressful time. Luckily we were just there for two weeks as our girl thrived and was able to come home to NY with us. History repeated itself again in November 2018 when our son joined us at 32 weeks. Once again we were welcomed by the RMH and felt right at home for another three weeks. We cannot thank you enough for all that you do for families! Here is a picture of our daughter (top) then and now and our son (bottom) with all of us in the middle.

For our daughters Hailey’s first birthday we collected donations for the RMH in lieu of presents and were able to bring her for a visit when dropping off the items. We return back each July to visit Ronald and drop off donations! Next year we will start this tradition for our son Jacob for his first birthday!

Sadie StoneSeries: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

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