Sadie Stone

Series: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

February 17,2013 My son was born at 32 weeks. Nothing could prepare this first time single mom for such an event. Thank you for providing me a place to stay so that I could be so close to my son and that no time was wasted traveling back and forth. The amazing volunteers that created

Series: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

Our daughter Hailey was born at 33 weeks at UVM Medical Center in July 2015. We were told about the RMH and after our tour knew it was just what we needed to get through this stressful time. Luckily we were just there for two weeks as our girl thrived and was able to come home

Series: 35 Years of Keeping Families Close

This is hard to write! My pregnancy was difficult from day one. Early on we were told our babies heart was too slow and there was a chance he wouldn’t make it. At 30 weeks I was rushed by ambulance to UVM due to severe preeclampsia complications. They were sure I would be delivering in

How It All Began

It’s our anniversary month! This month we will be honoring our history, sharing stories from the past and raising funds for our future to ensure we can be around for another 35 years! Follow along on our Facebook for more stories and photos! Here’s a short video about The Beginning:  

Queen City Ball for RMHC Burlington

December 5th,2018 — On the First of December Perrywinkle’s Fine Jewelry presented the inaugural Queen City Ball; a black tie benefit for RMHC Burlington. The event was a sold out affair, and entertained guests with food, drink, fabulous music and the opportunity to come home with a little sparkle! Perrywinkle’s title sponsorship ensured the event was full of glitz and

All Aboard!

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